Your comments about Penlac or Lamisil tablets for fungus nail treatment?

1306515778 24 Your comments about Penlac or Lamisil tablets for fungus nail treatment?

Worried about Lamisil tablets side effects and Penlac effectivity.

I wouldn't worry if you have been indeed diagnosed with a fungal infection in the toes. The doctor who prescribed it will have to follow up with you to ensure that the drug is doing what it is supposed to and will also have to follow up to ensure that liver toxicity is not occuring. if you start, keep on with the doctor and the tests to make sure that all is well.

Drug companies SALIVATE at the opportunity to introduce a new drug which may CURE an unattractive, but otherwise benign condition that affects maybe 10% of the population. so many companies have recycled drugs and efforts at curing SERIOUS fungal infections with the opportunity to market a drug for this commoner one that people are likely to see their doctors for, that there is now strong competition in the market. You'd think that would mean that a clear winner treatment would emerge- but it hasn't.

First off- make sure you have a fungal infection- as many as half of people who believe they have fungal infection have other nail conditions or nothing at all. second, ask yourself if you really want to take a possibly toxic drug to make your nails a little less ugly, or if youd rather try other cosmetic treatments. you wont get an argument from most doctors if you say you want to live with your fungus.

Then, if you still want treatment, consider this: topical treatments are useless. Ciclopirox (penlac) is prescribed only for chuckles: doctors want to see who REALLY wants their fungus gone when they prescribe a cream that has to be metitculously applied daily, cant be washed off, but has to be removed weekly with alcohol, and has nearly no chance of working. they know that if you take this treatment and come back, that youll probably accept the more toxic drugs.

The older systemic treatments (griseofulvin and ketoconazole) need to be taken for 10-18 nausea-filled months and experience about 80% relapse rate.

Enter terbinafine (lamisil)- needs only 4 months treatment for most infections, but still has an astronomical relapse rate. It can mess with your liver, rob you of white blood cells, and wreck havoc on your eyes. Some people cant taste anything after a few weeks of treatment.

My advice: unless you are suicidally depressed at the state of your nails, stop worrying and learn to love your inner fungus.

Your comments about Penlac or Lamisil tablets for fungus nail treatment?

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