When Someone Has AIDS and Has Wasted Away?

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A long time college friend of mine was diagnosed HIV positive 10 years ago. I had not seen him in 3 years. but the last time I saw him he was looking strong, looking good, on his medication and doing well.

He came for a visit a month ago. I did not recognize him at the airport. I kid you not, he looks like someone who survived a Nazi death camp. Sorry for the graphic comparison and no disrespect to people who were in such places. I've seen pictures and this guy looks like he's done a year or two at Dachau. He's totally skin and bones. it was sad to see him that way.

I told him he needs to see a doctor because he is seriously ill. Nobody 5'7" should weigh 105 lbs. Nobody should have severe toe nail and finger nail fungus. Sorry to get gross that way.

So he went to the doctor. his blood test results were horrible. he is back on his HIV meds. Why he went off them I do not know.

So, this is my question, do people that bad off rally and get better? he is a good person and it is sad to see him…I don't know…give up or throw in the towel or whatever.

The answer here for what i think you are asking is yes and no. The state can be fixed for a bit with drug therapy but in the end it will deteriorate again this illness will eventually cause death there is no escaping that..

When Someone Has AIDS and Has Wasted Away?

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