What's wrong with my fingernail? (pictures)?

1302857292 41 What's wrong with my fingernail? (pictures)?

The whole nail is distorted, instead of a smooth surface it's all crinkled. first I thought it might be fungus, so I took these pills against it and it didn't help. and now it seems to be spreading to the other nails on my hand aswell. is it lack of a vitamin or is it a disease or what is it?



I have seen that before…I do not think that it is any thing serious…go to a nail salon and ask them. They will know what it is and how to make it look right and they are a hell of a lot cheaper than a doctor.

Its due to the way your nails grow – not a disease or anything. A way to get rid of this is to buy a 4 sided nail buffer which makes your nails shiny. The first side of it you rub your nails with it and this gets rid of all the ridges etc and makes them nice and smooth. I have one its great

Have you had fake nails recently. mine would do that after I removed my nails.

It does sound like a fungus if it is spreading to other nails. Be aware that often over the counter meds won't work on a nail fungus. and prescription meds can take long time to work. I would see your regular Dr for prescription meds.

When I looked this up what I read was it looks like stress. you would know more of your symptems than I. Take a look, follow the link below.

What's wrong with my fingernail? (pictures)?

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