Whats the best product to get rid of fungus toe nail?

1308215194 88 Whats the best product to get rid of fungus toe nail?

I've had it for ages on a few of my nails.. I just want to get rid of it cos it looks horrible.

What actually works?

The professional medical experts who have studied nail fungus strongly suggest that one should take special pills that are made for targeting nail fungus and not just depend on nail fungus creams. if you give all your faith to topical creams alone, well this is not a good idea as your nail fungus will not disappear quickly.another focus that should be pointed out to a person who is having nail fungus problems is the fact that nail fungus strongly damages ones (used to be) healthy nail, and a nail which is not in a good condition (especially if it is already dead and black) should not be left unnoticed. not only is it unsightly but it is also a health problem. this is where oral medicine comes in, as approved medicines and prescribed by doctors should quickly treat one’s nail fungus problems. http://extrasmallurl.com/fa7

I have friends that have this annoying and painful problem. you have to get some kind of treatment or otherwise it will ruin your nails. Learn more about this infection at http://www.4natural-healing.com/2009/05/…

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You can buy lots of fungi creams from the chemist : ))

i know it sounds stupid but vicks vapour rub helped mine, massage it every night and it takes a while but will get better.

Whats the best product to get rid of fungus toe nail?

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