What to Do About Fungus Under Toenail

 What to Do About Fungus Under Toenail

Toenail fungus is very common, and probably a lot more common than you think. By some estimates, up to 10% of the citizen has the fungus under toenail at any one time and some 50% of all citizen will have the disease at sometime during their lives. while this may help you to feel as if you are not alone in your suffering it should also tell you something else. Since fungus under the toenail is passed from someone to someone in definite situations then you should all the time be on guard for the possibility that you are going to be infected at some point.

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If you are suffering from fungus under the toenail then here are some things that you can do to help to alleviate the problem. Of procedure most citizen see a doctor and get a antifungal prescription, and this has helped many, but I generally am involved about taking any pharmaceutical stock as the side effects are sometimes worse than the disease that they are treating. Make sure that you are wearing absorbent socks as well as breathable shoes in order to retard the fungus and keep it from spreading as readily. if you wear polish on your toenails then you should end it because the darker environment (and the lack of quality for your toenail bed to breathe) provides a good place for fungus to grow. You should also avoid sharing towels with others and wear sandals or swim shoes when in a communal place such as at a spa or a pool in order to keep from picking up supplementary fungus spores.

Getting rid of fungus under the toenail is not the easiest thing to do, but if you use some natural methods, such as tea tree oil and oregano you should find that over time the effects of the fungus begin to fade.

What to do About Fungus under Toenail

Get Rid Of Nail Fungus

What to Do About Fungus Under Toenail

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