What to do about busted up toenails?

 What to do about busted up toenails?

Over the years, my big toenails have been abused with soccer, skiing, and hiking. Both have "lifted up".

Both big toes are healthy at the inner half where they are connected to the bed underneath. whereas, both are fungused at the outer half where there essentially is an air space.

Vicks Vapor Rub kills off the fungus pretty quick, but leaves a yellow or black fungal residue.

Is there any way to get the outer half of the nail to rejoin the bed underneath?


I'd go get a pedicure (I know not to many men run and do this)
but it would help your 'dead' skin and cut your toe nails down -
and help them grow back 'properly' be sure to go somewhere with a good, clean reputation – or see a podiatrist – (foot MD)

If you feel funny about all that soak your feet in empsin salts and let them soften and cut your toe nails down to a length you enjoy (with a good clipper) clean nails/cuticles them out with a wooden 'stick' found in the manicure/pedicure section – and use a pumice stone around your callous areas -
I wouldn't use the vicks – stick to the dr. scholl type foot creams, and fungus things – to help heal you. (Tenatcin)
Do this a few times a week (soaking/pumice) and cut your toe nails about every 7-12 days.

Yes, your toe nails can be cut down very low and will grow back over time.

You need to make sure and take the extra time (20 sec max) to completely dry your feet when you get out of the shower. Let them air dry afterwards for a little while and use some gold bond or other product that will help them stay dry. you should also throw some of this along with an anti-fungal spray inside your shoes when you take them off.

Also, you need to keep your feet bare as often as possible inside your house so when your feet do sweat the moisture isn't trapped and just feeding more fungus and bacteria.

Good luck

Ew, I was trying to eat a cookie with my morning coffee and now my cookie doesn't sound too good =(. Maybe you should go to a podiatrist!

What to do about busted up toenails?

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