What is toe nail fungus? I think I may have it?

 What is toe nail fungus?  I think I may have it?

Not a nice subject, I know! I have seen pictures of severe cases and it looks revolting. My big toe is nothing like those grusome pics, but it is a bit yellow on the top section and the nail top has lifted very slightly from the toe and the top part of the nail has an edge (like a french manicure!!) which it does not usually. There is no pain or discomfort. the other big toe and all others are not affected.
I don't know if I am being paranoid?
I keep my feet washed and clean.


Toenail fungus is one of the many symptoms of candida albicans fungus (yeast). There is some basic info at www.hufa.org at the yeast link.

I am using NONEX gel. it is available at the drugstore (United States). it helps the lifting, and has a mild anti-fungal. Apply after bath and once again during day (I do morning and night). it was recommended by my podiatrist, after he shaved my nail down with a Dremel (ugggghhh!). it works.

Otherwise, keep feet clean and dry, with a routine dusting of anti-fungal powder (Zeasorb-AF is my choice). this also helps prevent athlete's feet (also due to the same fungus).

it is a fungal infection under the nail that grows and distorts the nail and discolours it. it need not be painful. it could be itchy. it is best to consult a doctor who will test if it really is a fungus and give you appropriate medication.

It doesn't really matter how clean your feet are, if you get a fungus you need a special medication to get rid of it. If you toenail is thicker than usual or is yellow or otherwise discolored you have a fungus. go to the foot aisle at the drug store and get some Pro-Clearz, brush on your nail twice a day and it will go away.

What is toe nail fungus? I think I may have it?

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