What is the best way to get rid of a nail fungus naturally?

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I have tried every over-the-counter medication and prescription nail product that you apply over/on the nail, incl. White Iodine, tea tree oil, peroxide, lamisil cream, Penlac Nail Laquer & none of them have worked. I know you have to do it over a long period because of the slow nail growth, so I have. my doctors won't prescribe the Lamisil tablets for me because I'm diabetic and take too many other oral medications that can affect the liver. This drives me crazy, because I live in the tropics where we wear sandals most of the time. Aslo sometimes it's painful & very itchy. Lately I lost a toe nail, now it's starting to grow back & looks awful. Any MD's out there? Plz help.

Put "Javex" in the water you use to wash your feet.
There is also a product that is specifically for "Athletes Foot". you put this powder in the water and then there is a powder to put on your feet after you wash and dry the feet very well.
Good luck Foot fungus is hard to get rid of because we keep our feet confined. Change your shoes daily and put the powder in your shoes to kill fungus spores in the shoes. If you are wearing sandals all the time then be sure to also wash the spores off the sandals also.

Buy a bottle of mouthwash mix in the ratio 1:1 with water and soak your nails.
After a couple of weeks the fungus will disappear.
Do not purchase dark colored mouthwash as this puts a tinted color on skin.
I'm sure if you had a fingernail fungus you can put mouthwash in a cup and soak finger once a week and be cured."

Maybe an anti-mycotic cream is useful for that. I can advise you mycospor cream (bayer firm). of course i didn't see the lesion but you can try. it gives no harm at the end. Use 2 at least two weeks if yoou like. Wish u healthy days

i'm not a doctor, but sometimes nail fungus and infections can either be caused by bacteria in the body. maybe antibiotics could help? And I don't mean to be rude, but if your home isn't clean, then this is the source of the germs/fungus. give your house a good clean with antiseptics/bleach. This may help too

There is some useful advice here.

Try anti-dandruff shampoo. icon smile What is the best way to get rid of a nail fungus naturally?

What is the best way to get rid of a nail fungus naturally?

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