What is the best cure for toe nail fungus?

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Prescription. it still takes almost a year to get rid of with a prescription. see a doctor.

I haven't tried it, but I've heard that using Vick's Vapor rub twice a day works. I have talked with someone who tried it and says it works. but it takes time, nail fungus even with prescription meds takes about a year. it might be worth trying for a while to see if there is any improvement. the meds are pricey and have some risks,

Try to find a foot fetish…. Let them suck your toes and in a month it should go away…

I had foot nail fungus since year 1955. I tried everthing, I could think of, such as fungus cure etc. About 4 years ago I spoke to my internist. He prescribed lamisil. but before he wrote prescription he did the blood tests for my lever. the one time prescription was for 3 months, no refills. just like my doctor said (normally I do not have much of faith in prescriptions) in about 3 months new nail started started coming, and it was full nail came out. Since then I do not have problem any more.
I strongly recommend you must read the effects of Lamisil. www.riteaid.com website gives information about all the prescriptions. I believe there was something about the effect of lamisil on lever. please check and make sure.
Good Health and good luck.

What is the best cure for toe nail fungus?

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