What is the best cure for nail fungus?

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I have tried over the counter medication and nothing seems to work on the toenail fungus I have. it is embarressing. I would appreciate suggestions.

Apparently Vicks Vapour rub works really well. I started using it on my toenails and it seemed to work, although I got lazy, stopped using it and they've gone bad again (must resume it soon…).

Get a cutical stick and push the vicks underneath the end of the toenail, and rub the rest over the tops of the nails. Do it morning and evening. The problem with any toenail treatment is that you have to persevere for months and months, so it's a lot of hassle. also make sure to change or sterilize the cuticle stick so you don't reinfect yourself.


Carrington Antifungal Cream


Mycocide Nail Solution

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What is the best cure for nail fungus?

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