What is the absolute BEST way to get rid of fungus under your toe nail?

1303551377 19 What is the absolute BEST way to get rid of fungus under your toe nail?

Lamasil. It's a prescription you can get from your Derm. Most prescription plans will not cover it (cosmetic). You will also need a blood test before the scrip is written since it MAY have an adverse effect on the liver.

This just depends on your body and what you prefer.

There is Lamisil, taken in pill form for up to twelve weeks, Faithfully!
While this medicine works to remove the fungus from within the body, you will have to have your liver enzymes checked. it has the potential to cause a rise in liver enzymes.

Also, there are anti fungal creams.
There are effective and they work well, there is a chance that the fungus will come back, only to be treated again.

Personally, I had a toe nail fungus once, I treated it with creams and cut the nail as it grew out, and haven't had another since.

Go to the drugstore and go the foot care section and get some over the counter antifungus product. There are several.

It wasn't this product I used but something similar:

One time I painted my toenail before completely drying the nail and I got fungus. I used the product (still keep it in my nail case and use even when I don't have fungus)

It took many months, but a new nail eventually grew and the old nail came off.

Try to keep your nails clean and dry.

Some women who get their acrylic nails done can get fungus and it can go to the toes if it goes untreated.

If you have fungus on several toes, I would see a doc. Insurance usually does not cover this medicine.

Prescription Lamisil . The non-prescription Lamisil may work also ……….. I don`t know , but the prescription stuff works like magic , considering skin fungus is difficult to get rid of .

It takes a long time to get rid of the fungus , depending on how bad it is ……… sometimes so long you may think it`s not working , but it definitely DOES work .

personally I had to surgically have the toenail removed. The procedure was not long nor painful neither in my region of theworld was it expensive

What is the absolute BEST way to get rid of fungus under your toe nail?

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