What is a natural way or remedy of getting rid of foot fungus?

 What is a natural way or remedy of getting rid of foot fungus?

i am thinking that is what i have.

my toes itch and i think it is due to not changing my socks.

is there a natural remedy or way to get rid of this, besides obviously changing my socks every day?

Thanks for your answers!

The ammonia in urine gets rid of foot fungus, you can wee on your toes in the shower….Id rather get some cream from the chemist though…but you did say natural.

Keep feet dry.
In case of really having fungus they say Oil of Oregano really helps (both topically and ingested ).

I have bad feet too! what has worked best for me is to keep them clean and dry. I wash them daily and change socks at least 3 times a day. Allowing them to breathe is important too. Whenever you're just hanging around the house, go bare foot.

Believe it or not but piss on your feet.
I am not joking.
Got taught that one while serving in the British forces in South American jungle.

I'd try an old fashioned remedy for all skin complaints,simply salt in water and bath your feet daily I bet it will kill the fungus problem.the problem might not be with your socks but your shoes some plastic or man made types make your feet sweat.

Yes there is. Tea tree oil. it has been proven in several studies to be effective against fungal infection. So buy some of this and apply to the affected areas daily.

Garlic, teatree oil or apple cider vinegar may help. You can slice open a garlic and rub it on, same with the tea tree oil (watch for any allergic reaction), or you can use the cider vinegar to soak your feet in.

Keep the foot uncovered and dry. Use tea tree oil. the steps are below.

Tea Tree Oil! It's great stuff!

Keep feet clean and dry natural yoghot worked for me.

What is a natural way or remedy of getting rid of foot fungus?

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