What can be done about nail fungus?

 What can be done about nail fungus?

The ointments and creams sold otc do not work. The prescription stuff does not work. Is there anything that is sure to kill nail fungus?

I just read some information on MayoClinic.com about nail fungus. There is informative information about different causes, how to diagnose the problem, and treatment options. I recently had a nail fungus of my thumb, and great toe. I was referred to a dermatologist, and he immediately knew what I had and how to treat it. I had to use the medicine for months, until finally I grew a new healthy nail. it may be necessary to take a culture of your infection, see what it is and then treat with appropriate medications. There different topical medications available and there are oral prescription medications as well.

Sometimes people get nail fungus because of problems with the immune system, circulation problems, diabetes, etc. It's not always a fungus, bacteria can infect nails. it would be wise to seek education regarding nail fungus, then make an appt. with a dermatologist. it is really difficult to treat nail fungus, so you have to be persistant with whatever treatment is recommended.

It's notoriously hard to treat. You have to make sure to use the creams,etc., for a VERY long time, more than 6 months, and even so, the fungus has a poor healing rate. it often recurs. It's really one of those things that one *may* just have to learn to live with. sorry not to have better news for you.

There are a lot of home remedies for fungal infections, have you ever tried applying tea tree oil, or soaking the infected toe in vinegar? If everything else fails, then check out this site that I found, it will be a great help to you.


What can be done about nail fungus?

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