What are these black lines on my nails?

 What are these black lines on my nails?

my grandma has these on her fingernails and i thought it was some type of fungus, but it looks too neat and dark to be fungus. i first developed one when i was maybe 14 on my toenail. it was just a thick light brown line that ran from the bed of my nail to the tip. NOW im 21 and i've got them really dark, almost black and on every single toenail on my left foot. some are so thick they take up half my nail and ive even got some side by side on the same nail. last week i noticed some starting to develop on my right foot and my thumb. i read somewhere it has to do with the heart. well, i've got high cholesterol? what is this and how do i get rid of it.

the lines look like this http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http…

You go see the doctor pronto. I'm hoping it's not serious, but Dr. Oz said it could be a sign of something really bad. Go talk to your doctor.

tx mom

i drew on them with sharpie

I have it on my left thumb, it comes from not enough oxygen getting to the nails. I am serious, have you ever hit your finger. it turned dark and the nail probably grew back, they sometimes grow back dark. That is almost what you have is like. us more dark skinned people get them more often. it usuallly happens from trauma to the nail or too tight shoes and excessive biting of the fingernail. it is like a bruise that will not go away, hope I am explaining it enough to where it makes sense. but you are fine. they do say it could be Vitamin b12 defiency also, but who knows. I got mine from constantly biting that nail, i had a line on a toenail from when I hurt my foot. if the nail was to come off and completely grow back, the line would not be there.

What are these black lines on my nails?

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