What are some home remedies to get rid of finger nail fungus?

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lavender oil


There are lots of medications on the market today that has left a lot of people with side effect after using these products. That is why most folks have selected to use products that are made from all natural ingredients. Over ten million folks have been known to get a nail infection, that is why the general public are looking for a natural cure for nail fungus such as lavender essential oil for toenail fungus.
It's a accepted fact that nail fungus attacks fingernails and toenails. The simplest way to fight a nail fungus is to be sure you keep your infected nails clean. The infection will become worse if these areas aren't kept clean on daily basis. You must also take additional per cautions to keep your nails cool and dry.
If you like to swim or take bath often you need to be certain that you try your feet and hands as quickly as you get out of the water. If you have a toenail fungus one of the best things you can do to keep your feet cool is where cotton socks. these stocks soaks up sweat and moisture and they allow air to get to your toes. this is one of the best way to stop the fungus from reoccurring.
When taking a bath ensure you're using and antibacterial soap because this kind of soap will help fight the fungus. People have a tendency to overlook the straightforward things that can be used to cure or fight nail fungus. Finding products like these will give you a better chance of disposing of your toenail fungus or your fingernail fungus.
The following product you can try for toenail fungus treatment is vinegar. There is a chance that you may already have some vinegar in your kitchen cabinet. If not, a trip to your corner store where vinegar is sold could be a solution for your problem. Applying vinegar several times a day has been known to help some folk fight nail infections.
These are only some of the natural treatment for nail fungus and many of them do work. However using these products are not sure to work because, what works for some folks may not work for you. There are some over-the-counter nail fungus products that are sure to cure nail fungus. though these products have been seen to work it still is important that you see your doctor before trying any type of medicines.

i'm sure there isn't a big difference between a fingernail cure / toenail cure.

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rubbing alcohol, perhaps, but I think you should see a doctor, or at least ask a pharmacist

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How about you actually start washing your hands?

Soak it in vinegar, I think.

Bathe more, stinky!

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What are some home remedies to get rid of finger nail fungus?

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