WARNING!! About toe nail fungus? KINDA GROSS!!!!?

1311599131 92 WARNING!! About toe nail fungus? KINDA GROSS!!!!?

I have toe nail fungus for about a year or two now. My nail got damaged when me and my brother used to fight, he would always stamp on my big toe until i noticed it was damaged and getting fungus. I used hydrogen peroxide and some OTC medicine but it never really went away. The nail is healed but around the nail grove of the big toe, the nail there no matter how much it grows, it comes out looking as though i have poured some chemical on it.The nail is not smooth in those regions and if it gets wet, i have to press the water out( my toe used to swell and it stretched the skin) and while pressing out any water trapped, some white milky stuff comes out.
What can i do? Have you ever had this problem?

I have posted a pic. for those who are not faint hearted and who may want to puke since i don't know if you can understand by the description i gave

my dad had that once from kicking a wall. his toenail just fell off after a while and in time it grew back normally.

We can't help you, but a foot doctor can.

WARNING!! About toe nail fungus? KINDA GROSS!!!!?

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