Vinegar and Vick’s Vapor Rub – A Home Remedy for Nail Fungus Treatment

 Vinegar and Vicks Vapor Rub   A Home Remedy for Nail Fungus Treatment

Many people are looking for home remedies for many different types of afflictions these days. They seem to feel that they are a safer approach to healing. Nail fungus is a common problem for many as there are more and more people using general locker rooms and things similar theses days. Let’s look into a nail fungus home remedy and see what the results are that we find.

In looking for a home remedy for nail fungus there were tons of tips to be found by others that have suffered from the condition. Keeping the feet exposed to the air is something that many people believe to be a must when trying to cure nail fungus of any sort. Wear sandals when at all possible as they allow the air in to the toes that are affected.

Vinegar seems to be an option for many people. Being a common item found in homes it is also one of the cheaper ways for a person to try. Soaking the feet in vinegar for a minimum time of 25 minutes will help to soften the toenails. Then they apply Vick’s Vapor Rub with a cotton swab to the nail and the nail bed. this process can take quite a while to see success, but so do the options that a doctor gives a person as well. They have seemed to have found this to be highly successful for them.

There are other remedies out there but none had the high success rates that this method did. when looking into a home remedy for nail fungus, this seems to be the most effective and inexpensive route to be found. most importantly is the rate of success that it has been shown to have as all a person wants is to have the nail fungus gone

Vinegar and Vick’s Vapor Rub – A Home Remedy for Nail Fungus Treatment

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