Vicks For Nail Fungus – An Effective Cure?

 Vicks For Nail Fungus   An Effective Cure?

Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus has been known to cure nail fungus infection effectively. as with any treatment, this has been met with skepticism by some people. What is the truth behind it?

Vicks Vapor Rub is commonly known as the over-the-counter medication made specifically for colds and cough. but there are a lot of people discovering new uses for such. Though there hasn’t been any major scientific studies to base these claims people made, the sheer number of positive testimonials gives a lot of circumstantial proof that it is a promising cure for nail infection.

There may be some valid reasons why Vicks for nail fungus works. Vicks contain natural oils that are derived from plants. These include, eucalyptus oil, myristica oil, oil of cedar leaf, as well as menthol and camphor. Maybe one or more of these ingredients have anti-fungal properties.

Healing Plants – the more promising cures for nail fungus are derived from plants as well. These include tea tree oil, lavender oil and oregano oil, among others. this should be a good time for scientists to conduct studies on the effectiveness of the different ingredients in Vicks vapor rub.

Vicks and Other Treatment – Usually, people use Vicks for toe nail fungus in conjunction with other treatments. they use it rub at night, before and during their sleep. they usually apply a generous amount of Vick vapor on the affected toes before bedtime, and then cover it with a sock. they leave this on overnight. Before doing this, one has to trim the nails as short as possible. Then, one applies hydrogen peroxide to the toes before applying it.

There are several theories that try to explain why Vicks work for nail fungus. Vicks vapor rub has a deep penetrating action and this can go inside the nail where the fungus often resides because it is warm, moist and dark. this has also a high success rate with children since they have softer nails, which lets the product penetrate much easier. this might be one of the reasons why some doctors even recommend Vicks vapor rubs to their patients to treat the infections.

While some believe it to be true, skeptics also say that these different testimonials of using Vicks vapor rub for such infections is just solicited advertisement for the company. There might be truth to this, but actual studies and research has to be conducted before anyone can make conclusions about this. There isn’t any particular strong evidence linking it to curing toe nail fungus except through people’s testimonials. so don’t get too excited about this.

Although it may be a cheap alternative in treating toe nail fungus, one still has to consult his/her doctor to get expert advice on what to take. Though there have been success stories with people using Vicks vapor rub, there are also complaints about this not working on some people. It is best recommended to try other natural products that are made specifically to treat toe nail fungus infections.

Vicks For Nail Fungus – An Effective Cure?

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