Using Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

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Toenail fungus home remedies have a great following among those who have tried commercial preparations with disappointing results, or who prefer more natural methods of restoring their health. a simple online search turns up many substances that might be in your kitchen or your bathroom medicine cabinet right now.

Some people may be interested in do it yourself treatment to save the cost of a doctor’s visit. Especially for those with no medical insurance or with a high deductible policy, the office visit charge and the cost of a prescription may make trying alternatives very attractive. also, there are many testimonials that claim better results with things most doctors would never suggest.

For most people with infected toenails, the risks of the prescription medicine taken internally are too high, so they turn to less dangerous methods. The side effects of the regularly prescribed medications can be found online and can be very serious for those few who are unfortunately sensitive to the drugs. Even those with the pain and offensive odors of a severe problem may choose to try a less hazardous approach. Besides, many who do take the drugs find that the condition returns when the medication is discontinued.

Epsom salts, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach are all familiar household compounds that are on the list of topical fungicides. many people do not care to use bleach on their skin, even in diluted form, and this may be wise, since chlorine is a poison and gives off fumes that are not considered healthy. however, Epsom salts in bathwater or a foot soak is benign, and hydrogen peroxide is safe when used as directed. Listerine and other antibacterial mouthwashes are also recommended as potent weapons in the fight against fungal infections.

Foods on the list include apple cider vinegar, with a teaspoon added to a glass of water to stimulate digestion, fight inflammation, keep the bloodstream alkaline, and act as an internal cleanse. It is proved to fight Candida albicans, a form of yeast which can grow too rapidly, overwhelm friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, and cause various problems including fungal infections. Garlic is another potent ally in the fight, with blood cleansing, antibacterial, and anti-fungus properties. Both of these products are used internally and externally in soaks and in direct applications to problem areas.

Vitamins, especially the B complex and antioxidants that boost the immune system, are helpful for total body health. many natural healers feel that if the nutrition is adequate in all areas, no fungus can get a ‘toehold’. Brewer’s yeast, with its rich supply of B vitamins and trace minerals, has long been recommended to maintain or restore health. a daily probiotic capsule will help keep friendly bacteria at strong levels, to curb yeast overgrowth.

Essential oils are very useful when trying to prevent infection or get rid of established fungal growth. Oregano, lavender, and tea tree oils are all used topically or in soaking solutions. Cotton balls, eyedroppers, and swabs are good ways to apply these oils directly to the nails. Tea tree oil may be drying, but it can be allowed to penetrate the nail and then other softening oils can be rubbed into the feet.

These and other toenail fungus home remedies can be found in health book and online. They are great as preventatives, used along with good hygiene and letting feet get as mush ventilation as possible. They also can improve the texture and color of nails, while relieving the itch and a large part of the roughened skin that fungal infections cause.

Using Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

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