Under nail toe fungus infection, how to fight it?

1303710856 50 Under nail toe fungus infection, how to fight it?

I noticed that there is something going on under my nail. it is just a begining of the infection. I got apple cider vinegar and mouthwash and I mix it together with some water and just keep my feet in it. I also got Vicks VapoRub and I am gonna be using it at night and at work etc. it is just a begining so I hope that I will be able to compat that. Would it be better to go and see a doctor etc to see what they would tell me? thanks.

one time i got toe fungus and I just soaked in in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes each day and it died.

But ive had other nail/skin fungi that needed something like Prilosec to get rid of, your doctor should be able to prescribe you something if you need it.

I am not sure about your cocktail of remedies, particularly the vapourrub??. you should very carefully clean the area with a good quality product. I would recommend savlon but if you (and I am guessing here ) want a more natural product then..
Wash with a strong solution of salt water (blood or slightly above temperature). you can use a cottonwool bud to apply a drop (exactly) of tea tree oil, or make a small amount of solution three drops to 50 ml of plain boiled water which has cooled to bearable temp before introduction of tea tree oil it has renowned anti-viral, fungal and antiseptic properties.
Keep using nartural fibres (cotton, line wool blend) socks and avoid trainers, sweaty shoes (all of which should be cleaned and aired carefully to stop the problem reoccurring. if socks are made of synthetic materials Or shoes, either bin them of really treat them with and antibacterial spray.

You should wash your feet daily and dry with towel (washed at 60 degrees to kill bacteria BTW)
apply the tea tree and leave open to fresh air without covering for the maximum time
Take action and take care of those feet of yours.

Under nail toe fungus infection, how to fight it?

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