Ugh Toenail Fungus. . . HELP!?

1303053129 56 Ugh Toenail Fungus. . . HELP!?

Ok. . . So I've had toenail fungus for a while. . just covered it with nail polish. . . but that's not working anymore and I just want to get rid of it but I don't want to take lamisil. . . call my crazy but i like my liver LOL. . anyways the Pharmacist at Wal-Mart told me to get PRO CLEARZ because a lot of ppl use it and it works. . has anyone used this and if so does it work and how long will it take. . I know it won't be over night and probably months. . just wondering how long. . Also if anyone knows of anything else i could use i'd gladly appreciate your input. . . but please no Vicks Vapor rub. . I can't stand that smell LOL thanks Everyone

If it makes you feel any better lamisil costs like $200.00+ (RIP OFF) a month. My hubby took it (we have insurance) and it worked a little for maybe a year, but its back again. So, it might not work for you anyway.

NO idea what will help.

Ok this will sound very nasty, but it works great, seriously I am trying it now and it is working. Pee on the nail, thats right pee on it. Sounds gross right? The human urine is the best cleanser in existance, so pee away, alo help the process by taking a cheap water soluble vitamin like one a day or some crap like that, then pee on t in the shower.

Tea Tree Oil is what works for me (AND IT IS NATURAL)

Ugh Toenail Fungus. . . HELP!?

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