Tropical Products vs Home Remedies (Toenail Fungus Treatment)?

1312484621 28 Tropical Products vs Home Remedies (Toenail Fungus Treatment)?

Which is more effective and faster treatment for nail/toenail fungus?

Tropical Products (ZetaClear,Fungusil,Zerofungus) or Home Remedies (Tea Tree Oil,Vick's Vapor Rub,Listerine). if tropical products, what's the best treatment product? if Home Remedies, what's the best remedies?

I go for tropical products! It's more safe to used. Imagine this one, if you asked that question to the health doctors, 99.9% sure that they will preferred the tropical products than home remedies. if you asked about good product in terms with tropical, based only on my observation, many people preferred the product Fungusil. Here's the overview of the product in their site that may help you. – FUNGUSIL is the most sophisticated and complete topical toenail fungus treatment created to fight and eliminate the fungal infections (onychomycosis) of the finger and toe areas including regions under and around the toenails.

Any over the counter Athletes Foot treatment will do fine. Apply to the cuticle daily for about a month.

Zeta clear worked great work me, this was after I tried home remedies like listerine foot baths and vinegar foot baths. I wrote a review about it in my blog, you can read it here, hope it helps:

Tropical Products vs Home Remedies (Toenail Fungus Treatment)?

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