Treatment of "fungus under nail of the thumb"?

1307041400 97 Treatment of "fungus under nail of the thumb"?

Please tell brand-name and also generic-name of medicine as medication for fungus under thumb-nail?

it's a prescription but it works great….pen lac, not sure on the spelling….goes on like a clear polish…..ask your doc….

Try Vick's Vapor Rub

Lamisil tablets… treats the fungus from inside your bloodstream

generic name… Terbinafine

it's a long-term course of treatment and is costly

blood tests must also be done to check your liver function as this medication is hard on the liver.

I had fugus on my toe nail and used white vinegar on it ,it took about a six months to heal. Dose= 2 x a day . use one in am and one after shower,make sure you rub it in the bottom part of nail where new grwth begins*****************Thumbs up *******Karen

you still need to go to a doc for it, there are a lot of dif stuff out there, i tried and it worked fluconazole, its a 6 months treatment but it healed pretty quick, and you still have to complete the 6 months.

After you bathe or shower and your nails are hydrated (you can also soak them) put a drop or two of tea tree oil on the infected nails. do this once a day til they are cleared up.

Fungus is very persistant. Good luck taking meds.

treat it by applying Vick's Vapo Rub . this really works. it takes a while for he nail to grow out. My doctor advised
this,put it all around the cuticle and under the nail. this works.

Treatment of "fungus under nail of the thumb"?

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