Treating Nail Fungus – Are Laser Modalities Useful?

 Treating Nail Fungus   Are Laser Modalities Useful?

The nail fungus is the most common infection of the nail. in fact, around fifty percent of the total nail abnormalities is caused by fungal infection. Both toenail and fingernail are at risk. The fungus makes the nail weak, crusted and callused. there are at least fifty to sixty percent American adults who are presently infected with nail fungus across the country.

So, how does this condition develops?

In the medical world, nail fungal infection is generally referred to as Tinea Unguium or Onychomycosi. Dermatophyte is the type of fungus that feed and increase on human and animal skin flesh. they are the largest culprit to many skin diseases as well as nail infection. These organisms can live and endure with an ample amount of sunlight. there are also types of molds and yeasts that can bring about nail fungal infection.

To confirm if your nails are truly infected, a professional will get a sample from your nail. It will be put under a Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) test. this test is an accurate procedure to test for skin diseases like nail infection. The nail sample and a drop of KOH will be mix together in a slide. The slide will then be heated for a period of time. When the KOH separates the fungus from the nail, it can be seen underneath the microscope.

How Safe and effective are Laser fungal treatments?

Laser has become the modern world’s method to treat human diseases. It uses a specific laser beam that selects and targets the location that requires to be destroyed. It utilizes several wavelengths that varies and corresponds according to the specified need. Laser use has incontestably gone a long way. that is why many are psyched to benefit from this treatment methodology.

This treatment modality has been used by countless researchers since the early 80′s. Back then, they use the laser beams specialized machine to scoop deeper into nail. The expert will then apply the medicines directly, consequently killing the fungus in the nail.

But is it worth it? Laser management is widely suggested by doctors for various diseases. It is also known to be the fastest yet safest mechanism to cure nail fungus. in fact, this mechanism can last up to ten minutes. many can attest to its usefulness. It does not bring about damage to your cells and does not affect your internal organs. a health oriented website called “Health and Beauty base” has found out that 90% of patients grew their nails after one laser management. As a matter of fact, there are several patients who declared on how their nails improved after one session.

The only downside of the laser management is the outlay. Laser management is very expensive ranging from $200 – $500. Furthermore, laser treatment is only recommended to the severely infected toenails and fingernails. you can ask your respective health care provider to confirm if the laser management can benefit your or not.

There are countless ways to treat nail fungus infection. It can be treated through natural home remedies, prescription medicine and laser treatment. Natural home remedies are cheap, easy to find and has fewer or no side effects. However, one must be wary of possible allergic reactions. Prescription medicines are slightly pricey depending upon the type of medicine or ointment that a doctor prescribes. The consultation itself can be expensive as well.

Keep in mind that health and safety goes hand–in–hand. Make sure to schedule a consultation with your doctor first before getting into any form of surgeries, treatments and medications. this disease may look meaningless, but beware the fungus can critically spread in the surrounding areas. so be very conscientious!

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Treating Nail Fungus – Are Laser Modalities Useful?

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