Topical Nail Fungus Treatments: A Review

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In this article we explore four of the bestselling topical treatments for nail fungus infections.  Nail fungus (a disease known in the medical community as Onychomycosis) is spread by direct or indirect contact with an infected person.  It is an extremely common disease with an estimated 10% of the US population affected.   Toenails are more often affected than fingernails.  In fact it is rare for patients to have a fingernail infection without at least one toe nail also being affected.

Although oral antifungal drugs are available on prescription, most sufferers choose to start their treatment using a topical treatment that is applied externally to affected nails.  This is due to the fact that oral systemic drugs have been associated with severe side effects, including liver damage.  Blood toxicity tests are typically recommended for patients undergoing oral therapy.  but whatever treatment approach you prefer, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified nail health professional before deciding on a specific product as there may be issues pertinent to your individual case that need to be taken into account.

Four popular topical treatments are outlined below:

1) Funginix – A well known brand in the field of nail fungus treatments.  Funginix combines the well known antifungal agent, Undecylenic acid, with herbal ingredients such as Camphor, and essential oils such as Tea Tree and Lavender oil.  The product comes in the form of a nail laquer and a twice daily application routine is recommended.

2) Tineacide – This formulation also contains Undecylenic acid as its primary ingredient.  It is sold as a cream which may be a seen as a disadvantage by sufferers who do not wish to come into direct contact with the fungus infection.  The manufacturers recommend rubbing the cream into the skin surrounding the nails with a particular focus on the cuticle area.  they claim this will help ensure that new nail cells grow out free of fungus.

3) Loceryl – The active ingredient in Loceryl nail lacquer is Amorolfine.  Although it is not widely available in US pharmacies, many sufferers take steps to purchase the product online due to its efficacy and the fact that only a weekly (rather than twice daily) application is required.  A prescription is necessary in some jurisdictions for this product.

4) Mycocide – This product is applied using an innovative dropper tip.  The liquid contains Undecylenic as its active ingredient blended with Allantoin, a formulation that is thought to help speed up the natural healing process of skin and nail cells.  The product is typically sold with two coarse nail grinders to scrape away any thickened surface areas of the nail.  This helps expose the fungus to treatment.

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Topical Nail Fungus Treatments: A Review

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