Toenails are bruising under the nail?

 Toenails are bruising under the nail?

Now, I don't want any help on how to treat it by releasing the blood, blah blah blah, lol…I live alone right now (man is overseas), and I'm not really feeling much pain in my toes, even when this started–sure it hurt–but not worse than anything else my toes have experienced my entire life.

1) walked about 6 miles in 1 day in shoes I've had for some time now
2) bruises appeared on the right and left side of my right and left feet, respectively (right side of right toe, left side of left toe) at the base and migrating up the nail (so it almost looks like a *black* diagonal now on both nails)
3) the pain went away remarkably (kept off my feet icon smile Toenails are bruising under the nail? within about 3 days, it still hurt a little after, but not nearly that bad. (hence no reason to relieve pressure to the site)

Now…I go to the doc (ER) a week and a half after the "trauma" if you could call walking in sneakers "trauma" for a lightweight 26 yr old petite person, and all he found was a potassium deficiency, which does not align with the symptoms (also have been having bad bleeding gums, blood taste in my mouth when I wake up–no oral sores, just my mouth is bleeding? and also bad headaches, especially when I lay on my stomach, move quickly lower my head like when I'm picking something up)…easily injuring myself as well, though things heal with minimal use, I'm used to using my arms and legs for daily activities. I'm not 80 yrs old or anything!

So, I'm not asking if anyone else has experienced this, my feet are beautiful other than the trauma–no fungus or anything, so I'm not worried about that, and the sick sick photos online of people with toe fungus to relate to what's wrong with my toes just don't match up or relate. I cannot relate to foot fungus. I am worried something underlying is causing this, i have run 12 miles a day in these sneakers in my past and never had a problem like this before.

the doctor said it's "trauma" (but from walking?) but then set up a referral for a regular doc. I don't know what to think.

So that's the question: does anyone know what underlying condition might appear to be potassium deficiency and be something else? It's really not likely to be rheumatoid arthritis, as the bloodwork came back good for everything else (kidneys, liver, cbc, etc).


Something similar happened to me too, and really the only thing you can do is wait for it to fall off…which it will….and its not bruising its dried blood thats stuck under there

Toenails are bruising under the nail?

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