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1323348526 68 Toenail Fungus Treatment – Home Remedies How do I treat toenail fungus and how did I get it? Toenail fungus is a common issue that many people get and many don’t even know they have. For the most part it is not a dangerous or life threatening condition it more can just be unpleasant and unsightly. This type of fungus thrives in dark, warm and damp places and you can easily pick up a spore from public locker rooms or swimming pools, it is recommended when using a public shower to wear shoes or sandals to prevent picking up fungus spores. it is a good idea one you have detected to get treatment right away, as left untreated many complications can develop and can me much harder to get under control. There are some good over the counter treatments to help get rid of toenail fungus as well as many very effective home remedies to help kill all the fungus spores.

Toenail fungus symptoms!Some types of toenail fungus can be undetectable but for the most part toe nail fungus can cause yellowing of the toenails or can turn the nails brown. Thick and brittle nails are also common side effects of toenail fungus. In extreme cases it can cause the toenails to flake, fall out and even be painful. Fungus can grow on and under both toenails and fingernails but is more common on the feet as for the most part as the proper conditions for the fungus to flourish.

How to treat toenail fungus?There are a couple of good home remedy treatments to get rid of toenail fungus. For the most part any type of antiseptic will work. A couple of popular choices are tee tree oil and Listerine mouth wash; both are effective in killing the toenail fungus.

How to prevent toenail fungus?Some simple steps you can take to prevent toenail fungus are: Keep your feet dry. If your feet get wet, and stay wet, it is the perfect breeding ground for the fungus to thrive. do not share towels or wash cloths. The spore from toenail fungus can be easily spread so avoid using other people towels when at a public pool or gym. Wear wool socks. Wool is great for absorbing moisture and keeps it way from your toenails. Wear clean sock. Don’t let your socks get to dirty. If half way threw your work day and you know that you have been sweating it’s a good idea to wash your feet and put on a fresh clean pair of socks.

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Toenail Fungus Treatment – Home Remedies

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