Toenail Fungus Question?

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I have an awful case of toenail fungus on one toe and I am currently trying to treat it with over the counter stuff. Everytime I treat it I cut some of the nail off, which gets to be challenging because the fungus causes the nail to get thicker and not grow. I think I may have cut some of the flesh of my toe without noticing last time, with slight bleeding, and now the entire area hurts badly when I walk. is this a bad thing? is it possible the fungus got further into my toe and that I made it worse? any insights here?

You really need to go to the dr and get a prescription! My husband di and it still took about one months for it to go away completely it was lamasil but it was a pill. he still took it for 2 more months to be sure it was completely gone. it was only like 10 bucks for the prescription(generic). good Luck!

It will probably heal fine, use an antiseptic. Nasty fungus won't always respond to the otc stuff. you need to get a prescription.

bad toenail fungus isnt going to kill you, but yes, if you don't get rid of the fungus it will continue to go deeper. i finally cured my fungus last year in my big toe, i had been on 2 prescriptions of lamisil and they slowed it down a bit but not much. however, only while using tea tree oil did i finally get rid of the nasty fungus. get a bottle of tea tree oil from GNC or any health store or pharmacy, and apply it to your toenail with a q-tip twice a day, making sure to soak the nail well so the oil penetrates deep into your nail. tip- break a bunch of q-tips in half so you can use them more efficiently. also, consider filing down the surface of your nail so it's only a thin layer between the surface and the fungus bed, so the tea tree oil will penetrate more effectively.

Toenail Fungus Question?

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