Toenail Fungus Home Remedies For Everyone

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Homeopathic remedies can safely treat most ailments with the help of things you have in your pantry. There are numerous toenail fungus home remedies available online as well as in books you find guidelines for the safe way to treat this problem. not only is toenail fungus remedies acutely good at working to heal and prevent this ailment you can easily find treatment and how to use it. you just need to be sure that the remedy you choose is appropriate for your lifestyle. When nail fungi is present you will want to clip the nail short and use a file to thin the nail down for better absorption.

Bleach can safely be used to treat fungi. you can use one part bleach to ten parts water for a foot soak. for a solution to be applied with an eyedropper you will want to mix one teaspoon of bleach with four teaspoons of water and apply drops to nail twice a day allowing to completely dry.

Lavender oil is another fungal fighting and preventive treatment. With primed nail apply one drop twice daily and allow absorbing. this oil has a third benefit being its sweet aroma.

Cayenne pepper can be used as a foot soak to treat toenail fungus. you will want to mix one and a half to two tablespoons of cayenne pepper in hot water soaking toes fifteen to twenty minutes a day. make the water as hot as you can stand.

Garlic is an excellent treatment of fungal infections when healing from the inside out. There are garlic pills ready to take on the market in an appropriate dosage. you can also chew a clove of garlic a day. not too much for taste but it works well on healing the ailment.

Urine yes Urine, collect and allow to sit for two days and then either soak the primed nail or apply and allow to dry. There are several parts to urine that are good to treat toenail fungus. Suggested use is before showering to ease fears of lingering odors.

Bag balm for cow utters is another fungal fighter. this balm is good for lots of things but also has been known to be effective on fungi. you will want to apply to primed nails and cover with socks then you are ready to go.

Fungus craves a warm, wet host so if you keep your feet dry it will help fighting this fungus before it starts. Home remedies are safe as long as you follow the directions. There are more remedies out there that can be found. you should always follow the advice of your physician when trying to heal any ailments at home. if you experience any signs of reaction like hives, rashes, severe burning or any other allergic reaction you should get help immediately.

Marie is a foot health specialist specializing in eliminating toenail fungus.

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Toenail Fungus Home Remedies For Everyone

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