Toenail fungus help please?

1303674971 60 Toenail fungus help please?

I heard tea tree oil helps, should i get that?

I never noticed this but i have started growing toenail fungus on one of my toenails. It's on the side and it's spreading through the nail! also that section of the nail is getting thicker.

I can't clip that nail any further since the fungus is growing at the side and there's a white-yellow dot. Are there any cures for this?


i think you should prolly see a doctor and they can tell you some over the counter stuff to buy or give you a prescription……you should take care of it asap
or you could try soaking it in bleach/water….that may help

I think there's a useful source you can visit:

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Yes, go to the doctor and they can put you on anti-fungal pills such as Lamisil.

That is the only way to cure toe nail fungus. There are no other cures.

Toenail fungus help please?

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