Toe nail fungus treatment with listerine?

1303677547 70 Toe nail fungus treatment with listerine?

I am looking for a cure for toe-nail fungus. I have read online about home remedies..including soaking in Listerine that works. my question (I have tried this) Should I soak my toes in Listerine that has a specific *fluoride* treatment? This seemed to work best, but I am aware of the dangers of fluoride.

Whatever works for you. Chemists that have checked out the claim about Listerine say it is the old brown stuff that works. that is because of some of the herbs, like eucalyptus, combined with the alcohol.
Putting your feet in a fluoride mix will not hurt in any way. so if it works it works, if it doesn't and you still want to try Listerine get the brown stuff.

Lot of people also use apple cider vinegar. you could use any kind but apple cider kind smell a little better and some claim it softens the skin also.

My grandpa soaks his feet in Listerine and his feet look fine. other than being old. He's been doing it for a while so I doubt there's anything that could happen.

I recommend that you read this nail fungus treatment review at Skin Treatment Guide

thats plain nasty. keep your feet cleaner weirdo!

Toe nail fungus treatment with listerine?

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