Toe nail fungus treated w/ vicks vapor rub?

1302779531 62 Toe nail fungus treated w/ vicks vapor rub?

does this work?
what are the EXACT directions to follow,
cut the nail?
rub it thick, light, inject it somehow
how do you know if its too deep in there to work or not?

Ouch! I've never hard of anything like this. I would think it would burn or sting

honey you have to use antifungal cream….lol…who told you to use vicks?lmao

never heard of it maybe a new remedy

It's not going to work, look for a nail fungus product at your local drug store or go to a foot doctor

file nails straight across,file nail too,rub the vicks on it or use aloe vera gel works great.

You need an antifungal cream or spray. Try canestan or tinaderm. Directions are on the pack.

Vicks? it doesn't make sense. Try Listerine… has bacteria killing agents. Soak your foot in it.

Never heard of this one but I have heard of foot soaks in Hydrogen Peroxide.

i am not going to be nice…it does not work…at alll tea tree oil is suppose to but …you put it on 3 4 times a day…the best thing to do is soak your feet in a solution or 1/4 bleach an hot water before you take a bath ..then you make sure the nails are clean and taken care of ,,,it does spread to other nails,,invest in a small Dremel tool and keep the hard thick nails shaved down as they will get thick…or…go to doc. and get drugs that can cause liver damage..alot of us have this not know your age ..guess you either whent bare foot in the rain…or wore dirty tennis shoes…loveya >>IHave it too,,,constant battleITS a GOOD THING

hi im jill,im a nurse and i never heard of vicks for toenail fungus. but ill tell u i have had it forever,im 46 , got it at 39, its a lack of something in your system but i have used sporanox and i saw a podiatrist too and he said no mater what u do it is gonna just come back sooner or later so i just have a foot spa or just soak your feet for like an hr and the thick part under the nail will get soft so use toenail clippers and just get it out, when its soft enough it does not hurt at all and u cant b lieve how much difference it makes just 4 a while. they have all this stuff on tv, forget it , just waisting cash. i soak my feet , well not enough but when they hurt i have 2 ans it is worth the wait till u can just kinda dig the thick part out. hope it helps. jill wow how gross was that first meeting huh lol i get **** like that all the time from people so no bother, and i know the feeling and the way it looks i paint my toes red all the time just so u cant really notice it. jill

How old are you? Don't try things you are unsure of.Go to this can try the lamisil tablet.I hear it is pretty effective.

Sparys and creams may help temporarily because it's only getting to the surface of the problem

It's better to take something orally rather than topically that way the tablet can get into your bloodstream,and get to the root of the problem.

This is an odd remedy but some do claim that it works. a doctor has a column in daily papers that says his patients recommended it to him.

It won't hurt to try it. Trim the nail and rub it on and around the nail.
Try it for a week and see if there are any results, if not…try the regular antifungal treatments in the footcare aisle of your local drugstore.

Toe nail fungus treated w/ vicks vapor rub?

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