Toe Nail Fungus … How Can I Kill It?

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I have had this toe nail fungus for a while. I have tried killing it by putting Vicks Vapor Rub on it for weeks … this has not worked. Short of a prescription … does anyone know of a home remedy that will kill this fungus?

Tea Tree Oil will sort it

check out my answer to anne m on this rusty,,,,supposing by your handle that you paint for a living,if you do,the chemicals in paint sometimes (this according to docs,pediatricians,other md specialists within AAEM ,american academy of environmental medicine in wichita) aggravate fungus in humans by impairing human immune cells ability to recognize the fungus as an invader,,,,,,,,like a cop at a checkpoint that aint checkin identity cards,removing the source of chemical from skin or lung absorption can cause it to finally dry up.the fungal spores shed in the house can be triggers for the body to get a systemic complication of the flu where weakened resistance allows spores to start reproducing and causing further illness,,,,,,,spores can also lead to thrush in kiddies

i freaked out when the dr told me i had a little nail fungus he wrote me a rx that cost a fortune so this is what i know that has helped me. while in the shower the last thing u do is clean under your toenails push back ur cutical, once in a while if im board i used hydrogyn peroxide and soak my feet i am always conscious of the thickness of my nail which causes fungus, mostly fungus is dead skin not removed, if ur nails are thick cut them always keep them short until the fungus grows out, hey ive even used bleach to kill anything living in my toes but only for a few seconds and dont try it ok i dont want u to have a bad reaction to bleach.

Toe nail fungus is when the toenail becomes yellow, brittle, and thick.

Soaking your feet in Listerine and very warm water until the water cools down and rubbing Vick's on and around the area every night, wearing socs to bed is the best way to kill the fungus without using prescription medications.

This will take several months, but it does work.

If it hasn't already happened, Lamisil is putting a cream over the counter soon. there are several anti fungal creams and lotions over the counter for nail fungus.

Go to a podiatrist. (did i spell that right? you know- a foot doctor.) I have the same problem, my toenail actually came halfway off and there was a new one growing underneath it. The doctor cut the rest of the nail off (didn't hurt a bit because it was dead) and cleaned the skin underneath (just tickles a bit) and he gave me a topical laquer to put on my toe at night before bed. I go back every month for him to file it and see if the medicine is doing it's job. if it doesn't work, he'll put me on Lamisil… I don't think there are home remedies that will kill it, but the doctor said that chlorine and sun helps. good luck.

I used over the counter remedies which didn't work. I then went to a podiatrist and he did a blood test. wanted to check my liver because it can cause liver damage. I was then put on a prescription for a month, which didn't work. I gave up and after a few years of aggravation I found a cure on the internet. It is distilled vinegar. you have to use it twice a day for 6 months and cannot forget an application. I used an ear dropper. you can pick it up at any grocery store and it is relatively inexpensive if you purchase it in the gallon jug. It works and it is easy. try it you have nothing to lose but the fungus.

Toe Nail Fungus … How Can I Kill It?

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