Toe nail fungus did you cure it?

1306314309 71 Toe nail fungus did you cure it?

Has anyone actually cured toe nail fungus? If so how did you do it?

Tried the Vicks vapour rub as someone suggested – don't bother, it doesn't clear the infection properly. The only way to get rid of this on a permanent basis is to visit your gp for some antifungal medication. Toe nail fungal infection spreads really quickly from toe to toe and if you leave it untreated or keep trying rubbish medication your nails will be harder to repair, thus taking longer for a cure. I took Terbinafine tablets prescribed by my gp for some 10 months before I got rid of the problem completely, because I was too embarrassed to see my gp and show my toes off! once you have the medication, you will see a great improvement and then a complete cure.

believe it or not, I read that you put Vicks VaporRub on it and it will go away. and I had it on my little toe nail and tried it, and it worked! Gone in a month or two. it won't go away fast unfortunately. you can also get a prescription to get rid of it.

There are so many remedies that you could use to treat toenail fungus. Cures like tea tree oil and oregano oil are perfect for the job.

Go to a chemist there are plenty of things on sale to sort this out.

Toe nail fungus did you cure it?

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