Toe nail fungus??

1303511056 16 Toe nail fungus??

My wife had sever toe nail surgeries for toe nail fungus no result…..I want to apply now these three treatments to her on daily basis, vinegar, vicksvaporup and tea tree oil can any one tel me i can use all three on daily basis or which is best in ur view and how i should use it……thanks

thats sick just tell her to wear socks.

No topical application will give you what you want. a dermatologist can prescribe an antibotic that can take care of it.

Have your wife soak her foot in corn meal and hot
water. The corn meal will be mushy and that is
suppose to kill the fungus. Try this for 3-4 days and if there isn't any improvement the seek medical

I had success with green tea on a variety of infections, especially eye. I've started soaking my feet in green tea (brewed and allowed to cool) and have noticed a difference. The other day I read that Listerine will cure toe nail fungus, but haven't tried it yet.

Toe nail fungus??

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