Foot fungus or athlete’s foot is a condition where the toe nails are infected by fungus belonging to the group dermatophytes. Foot fungus generally affects persons who doesn’t maintain hygiene, or persons who wear ill fitting shoes etc.

The symptoms of foot fungus vary in degrees. there may be just pain, itching and burning sensation. but when the infection is severe there may be peeling of the skin, cracking and bleeding of the skin, and if very severe, then there may be even bullous or eruption of blisters.

Patients with foot fungus may experience severe pain and it may be difficult to wear the shoes normally. The foot fungus causes disfigurement to the nails and also it produces a foul smell which annoys the patients as well the people around them.

The foot fungus almost infects all the toenails but the big and little toes are the most commonly affected. The fungus grows on the nail beds and eats away the keratin of the nail.

Initial symptom or sign of foot fungus is the discoloration of the nails. In some cases it may be yellowish or brown to black and in other cases it may be white which is very rare.

The foot fungus gets started by infecting the far end of the toenails and then they grow inward. The texture of the toenails is also changed. The nails become hard and brittle. they may break or there may be even loss of nail completely.

The infected toenail may swell due to the accumulation of debris. this causes pain and produce foul smell. there may be even super infection of the toenails with bacteria. this may even confuse he situation for a proper diagnosis.

Foot fungus may spread from person to person and it may spread from one foot to another and even to the finger nails. Foot fungus remains undiagnosed for a long time as the symptoms are very mild initially. this is the reason why the infection increases in severity. when the foot fungus infection gets severe the patient may complain of severe itching and pain and they may not be able to wear shoes and walk.

There are many treatment remedies available for the treatment of foot fungus among which the laser toenail fungus removal is the best. The laser toenail fungus removal is a simple procedure where the infrared laser beams are concentrated over the affected area. this vaporizes the causative pathogens and stimulates the normal growth of the nails.

The laser toenail fungus removal is an effective treatment for foot fungus. The laser toenail fungus removal does not have any side effects. it provides promising results for foot fungus. there is regrowth of the nail normally in patients undergoing laser toenail fungus removal within 6 months.

Foot fungus can be prevented and even if it occurs, it can be treated with the laser toenail fungus removal. but once treated completely you should take some precautions like wearing correct size shoes, avoiding walking in damp areas, and avoiding walking bare foot to avoid recurrence.


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