Should i remove my acrylic nail after having some fungus under it?

 Should i remove my acrylic nail after having some fungus under it?

I got my nails removed today and I found out i had a little of fungus there. My nails were lifting before and i must have got water in there. But I just got a new set on it. Will the fungus just go away by itself?? or do i have to do something else

On a serious note, nail fungus is one of those problems that does not go away. Only get worse, and unfortunately once you have it you have a couple decisions to make. first you must get your acrylic nails removed in order to apply a treatment that involves no side effects, unlike common nail fungus medications give.

Initially you must see a doctor to confirm that it is nail fungus you have. A sample will be taken and grown in a lab for confirmation. then you revisit your doctor for the prognosis. now you have two decisions if you have fungus – to take a natural approach with no side effects or a medical approach which is fraught with possible side effects. I can tell you from experience a prescription drug is a path you should consider very seriously. Read my article on medications in the source box.

Or you can take a natural approach. There are many techniques here and some do work but involve a huge amount of time each and every day for several and several months. if you want a natural approach that has no side effects you need to look here: and see a simple solution that takes literally a minute per day to apply.

I suffered from nail fungus on several of my nails and I know this natural approach works. My wife decided to take the drugs and when she ate food it either came up or out below rather quickly and was sick for 4 months. not a path I would recommend.

Please check out more information at this site before you decide on a prescription drug solution, especially the link nail fungus medications link in the source box.

It wont go away by itself it will just get worst if you dont treat it.

I found the cure :

It worked for me.

Should i remove my acrylic nail after having some fungus under it?

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