Quick Cure For Toenail Fungus

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Please help – Frustrated with severe toenail fungus! Please reply if you have first-hand experience with it!?hi – I’m looking for advice from people who have personal experience with the medication “lamisil” or “oil of oregano” to cure their toenail fungus. I’m not talking about a minor case of it either…

I’m 32, female, and have a very embarrassing condition, mainly on my left foot. ALL of my nails on the left foot have severe toenail fungus. one on my right foot has it as well. I feel so ashamed at the pool or in the summer – I’m young and I want to be able to wear sandals and nice things like all the other women out there. I always have to hide my feet, or people notice, and I don’t feel comfortable. one time someone even commented on it, and other people have stared, so I just wear closed-toe shoes.

I have tried going on the yeast-free (candida-free) diet and have gotten very sick. It’s too much for me to do all at once – staying away from all the sugars and so on plus taken all the strong herbs makes me very ill. I know that’s what it’s supposed to do, but I cannot function normally and carry on with any activities because I feel too sick when I do it. My thought is that lamisil will speed up the process as it only takes 12 weeks to take the pills. Of course, afterwards I will do my best to eliminate sugars and yeasts, but hopefully lamisil would give me a great boost to start off and then I will consume sugary foods ONLY in moderation. I have tried “oil of oregano” topically and orally but that also requires complete abstinence from sugars and yeasts. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t consume massive amounts of these foods, but I need a quicker fix where I would be allowed a little bit of sugar (even just a fruit) occassionally. I also suffer from hypoglycemia so I crave sugar and need it here and there – even just the good fruit sugars or I go insane!

I have several questions:

*Will lamisil cure even the most severe cases?

*Please share your personal experience with it (or oil of oregano) if possible

*I don’t wish to hear from ‘advertising product’ people, only those who are not selling stuff – if it’s to sell, the answer will be reported and deleted. I’m interested in real individuals offering their experiences and knowledge

Thank you for your help.

Quick Cure For Toenail Fungus

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