Questions about toenail fungus?

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I have fungus on both of my big toenails and I've noticed that both of my little toes are black as well and they've been that way for a very long time. but anyways my right toenail is coming off and my new toenail is already growing under it but it's still not ready to come off because a little piece all the way on the right is not yellow and ready to come off. So I was wondering if my new nail is gonna come out all weird because of that. my left toenail is just partially black with no sign of falling out yet. another question is that I heard Vicks VaporRub was good to remove fungus but I also heard it turns your nail black which is just a sign of killing the fungus but if I apply it to the new nail will it turn it black cause it looks normal I just don't want it to turn black. this is a serious question so I would appreciate if you guys helped me out. Thanks icon smile Questions about toenail fungus?

i never heard of vicks vaporub for toenail fungus, I had that problem myself and went to a podiatrist and he cut it off and took good care of it, he also prescribed lamissil for 3 months, my nail is coming up clear and straighter. I tried everything and for 2 years it kept coming back all dark and ugly, Thank God for nail polish to hide it.

Home remedy like vicks vaporub can cure toenail fungus problem but this is also depends on the degree of infection. You can find some resources here in applying vicks on your toenails

Other home remedies can be found on

Your toe nails are beyond home remedies–including Vicks. any new nail growing in on your toes will also be infected eventually, because the fungus will still exist. Beyond that, this can also be a sign of a other illnesses and health issues.

This is a serious question and I'm going to give you a serious answer: see a foot doctor. Let them determine what fungi/infection are present and go for prescribed meds–not home remedies that will prove temporary in this case. In all probability, he will surgically remove all of the toe nails that are now affected so you can start from scratch with healthy nail bed and a healthy nail.

A family member just went through the same thing–and what started out as fungus eventually developed into a serious staph infection. much longer, and it would have gone into her blood stream, where it could have been fatal.

Maybe this is not the answer you wanted–but the only one you should heed.

Questions about toenail fungus?

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