Purple/Dark foot nails is fungus?

1305306527 44 Purple/Dark foot nails is fungus?

I got this Saturday when i played basketball , Had tight shoes on. Every time i walk it aches and i limp and can't run.. How do i heal it? or take medicine? The nails look look its falling off my toe skin , the nails are all up forward like its about to come off. How do i heal it??

not a fungus. you may have injured your toe and its just a bruise. this will sometimes cause the nail to fall off or detach from that location

I think when you have a blue nail it is when you really bruse your finger or toe under the nail. The purple is the bruise. The nail above the briuse generally falls off.

It sounds like you may have had your foot stepped on or something, tight shoes don't really cause bruises like that, I think.

But it generally heals itself unlessy ou broke your toe or something, try wearing flip-flops.

Purple/Dark foot nails is fungus?

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