Please help my boyfriends(sick)?

1303534102 20 Please help my boyfriends(sick)?

my boyfriend is 44 yrs old about 6 ft tall and 250 lbs hes a big man he has had high blood presure for years now he wont see a dr but about a year ago he started throwing up almost everyday and sometimes more than once a day he also has been really slow moving no energy at all and now about 6 months ago started getting a really bad body odor like something dead he showers regularly and wheres deoderant but it doesnt help he also has athletes foot and nail fungus now from sweating so much which we try treating with everything from tea tree oil to baking soda and tinactin and nail fungus stuff but nothing is working im wondering what kind of illness would cause theese symptoms and if theres any thing i can do about it the body odor is just awfull please help

My advice is for him to see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

This could be a SERIOUS internal problem……

Please help my boyfriends(sick)?

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