Permanent Nail Removal to Cure Nail Fungus

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Nail fungus is an infection that lives under your nail and can be painful and very deforming and if you let it go you can end up losing your nail. you can get this fungus by weak immune system, public bathing, prior trauma, airtight footwear and physical activity.

The causes of nail fungus are from three types of fungi: yeasts, non-dermatophyte and dermatophytes molds. It’s rare that candida yeast causes nail fungus except in people whose immune system is weak. Fungi can affect any part of the nail like the plate, bed and matrix. The nail plate is just the actual nail and the skin under the nail is what is called the nail bed. The nail lies on the matrix and this give the rise to the root of the nail and it produces cells which make the nail plate.

Permanent nail fungus cures methods are laser, surgical removal and phenol. The phenol method is applying an acidic chemical, phenol, to the matrix to kill the growth of the nail itself. This will then keep the nail fungus away for good.


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Permanent Nail Removal to Cure Nail Fungus

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