Painting my nails while treating nail fungus?

 Painting my nails while treating nail fungus?

I have a funky fungus thing going on on my big toe and I got from a salon when I had a pedicure about 8 months ago or so. I really didn't know what it was so I've not done anything about it until recently. Likely not the smartest thing to do but I guess we all do dumb stuff sometimes.

Anyhow, I've been treating it faithfully every day since I figured out what it was.

I used to have really pretty feet and perfectly manicured nails, that was the first (and last) pedicure I've ever done at a salon though. now, well, they're horribly ugly. The nail tech took to little dremmel tool with sandpaper and buzzed all my nails before she painted them. now they're all ridged but they are half grown out so it is looking better.

The big toes though (where the fungus is) look horrid! They're yellow and white, one has a greenish spot. I wear sandals all the time, I've only got 2 pair of closed toe shoes! With my toes looking like this I'm extremely self conscious of them and hide them all the time now. I even wear socks at my house because I can't stand to look at them!

Can I paint my nails even while I'm treating them with the medicine? I'd love to just cover the ugly up and continue treating so eventually they will be pretty again.

No you should finish treating them before you put nail polish on, the nail polish will only make them worse.. also at least when you are at home let your feet air out with the fungus you want them to breath as much as possible..

Painting my nails while treating nail fungus?

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