Topical Treatments for a Toe Nail Fungus Cure

 Topical Treatments for a Toe Nail Fungus Cure

Are you looking for a toe nail fungus cure? there are so many nail fungus topical remedies on the market, and trying to find one which will work for you can be confusing.

One thing you have to remember when you are looking for cures for toenail fungus, is any type of treatment you choose will take time before you will notice a difference.

Your toenails grow at a slower rate than your fingernails, so you can expect the treatment you use will take time. Normally, it is about 12 months for a toenail to regrow and around 6 months for a fingernail.

There are some over the counter fungus creams available, but I would use these with caution, at least double check before you purchase one. many of the creams available are great for treating vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, tinea versicolor, jock itch (tinea cruris), tinea corporis or athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).

Some of the names of these types of treatments are; Mycelex, Lotrimin, (generic brand name – clotrimazole), Undecylenic acid Monistat, Vagistat, Femizol, M-Zole, Micitin, (generic name – miconazole).

These particular nail fungus cures will not help you, if you are suffering from toe nail fungus. you need to use a treatment which is able to penetrate your nail, so always double check; otherwise you could lose another few months before you realize the cream you have purchased is for oral thrush.

Over the counter cures for toenail fungus

Loceryl – is a topical treatment applied as a nail lacquer once a week to clean, dry toenails or fingernails. Loceryl has quite a good success rate, although it is a long process as you do need to wait for the new nail to grow out.

Alergic reactions to Loceryl are rare.

The active ingredient in Loceryl is Amorolfine Hydrochloride, this is also found in Curanail which is really the same drug marketed under the brand name Loceryl.

Curanail is applied once a week, to a clean, dry, toenails or fingernails.

Curanail is available in the UK and Europe.

Loceryl is available in the US and Australia.

Penlac (Ciclopirox) is available on prescription only, and is a nail lacquer applied daily to clean, dry toenails or fingernails. Penlac is not great for advanced stages of nail fungus. with this type of treatment, you need to wait for the nail to grow out.

Loceryl and Curanail are not the best for very advanced stages of nail fungus either.

If you decide to go with one of these over the counter topical treatments, you can also apply a natural remedy for toenail fungus, such as tea tree oil, or white vinegar as well. Natural remedies like these pose no threat and are safe to use along with your over the counter toe nail fungus cure.

Topical Treatments for a Toe Nail Fungus Cure

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