Other medications for nail fungus?

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I have a nail fungus and this is the second time I have had it. I took Lamisil both times but I didn't take it everyday like I was suppose to. I still have half of my nail to grow out. The doctor gave me something that will help the bump in the nail smooth out but it won't make the nail grow out. I can't take Lamisil again b/c you arent suppose to take it longer than 3 months. is there anything that I can take or put on my nails to make it grow out?
It is spring now and I would love to wear all of my open toe shoes in this hot weather, please help!

Vick's vapor rub. put it on and under the nail once a day at bed time. works great, good luck

I used Loceryl on a big toe nail fungus infection but, after a whole year of using it as per directions the fungus just comes back again and my chiropodist thinks it will just stay for ever as it is under the middle of the nail. Short of having the toe nail removed there is no cure. Obviously it would be rather painful to have no nail on my big toe so I just have to put up with it. being female I have usually painted my toe nails in summer but even this is a problem now as it makes the fungus spread. Hope someone else knows of a cure because my doctor and chiropodist do not. my GP did not advise taking the oral medicine because of side effects and the possible ineffectiveness of a cure. sorry.

Other medications for nail fungus?

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