Natural remedy for toe-nail fungus?

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All the medicines have bad side effects……

The only natural remedy I've heard of, is the twice daily application of Tea Tree Oil, which may be purchased (without a prescription) at most pharmacies and natural food or health stores. Try looking in the aisle that has foot remedies, and if you are unable to find it, just ask one of the pharmacy employees or the pharmacist. Apply the oil to the infected area after bathing in the morning and before retiring at night. If you work out or engage in sports, be sure to protect your feet from reinfection by wearing slippers (your own – not ones provided by the gym) while walking throughout the locker room and while showering, then apply Tea Tree Oil to the infected area immediately after you shower.

A regular spray of diluted Tea Tree Oil is also said to aid in the prevention of contracting fungal infections, but there are no guarantees, and its use is not endorsed by the FDA.

Be patient. It usually takes several months to rid the infection. Once the fungal infection has subsided, add gelatin to your diet, in order to strengthen your toenails (and finger nails), so they might repair faster.

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It is best tackled from within as external treatments often fail if the fungus has spread to most toes. If it is isolated to only one or two toes you could try one of those paints you can pick up at a pharmacy or get on prescription from your doctor.

Yes you are right there are treatments that are systemic [geared at the whole body] and they are in the form of a pill and your liver has to be monitored as they may cause damage to the liver. You could alternatively as a systemic treatment try olive leaf extract.

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It is quite expensive so shop around for a good deal if you are interested.

The only known side-effect is supposed to be the possibility of a an allergic response caused by the rapid die-off of fungi that release toxins which may temporarily cause a brief allergic reaction that may occur over several days..[ref: link below] You would need to look out for symptoms and see your doctor asap if they made you unwell. in fact it is best to take them under consultation with your doctor so he or she can monitor you, including whether the treatment is working or not.

This website offers a testimonial from one who have taken olive leaf extract for toe nail fungus:…
But it is not a UK website. I would shop around the Internet for good deal but make sure you look for a reputable brand that is preferably standardised and of the strength 500mg or thereabouts. You may need to take 2-3 capsules a day for several months.

Yes, i agree that Tea Tree Oil may help although it doesn't always work. Pure Lavender Oil may also help.
Another good natural anti-fungal is Coconut Oil. The Lauric acid fights all types of infections, especially fungal.

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I was watching Dr. Oz on Oprah the other day, and a lady had a bad toe-nail fungus and fungus around the nail. He told her to soak her feet in vinegar and/or to use tea tree oil.

Nothing was working for me until I started taking Acai supplement. I also used the oil from a Vitamin E capsule to help clear it up.

Vick's Vapor rub. It takes about 2 weeks. Rub it on the fungus a couple times a day.

Maybe rubbing some tea tree oil on your toes with a cotton swab at night will help.

tea tree oil around the nail, I even heard a Listerine bath

Natural remedy for toe-nail fungus?

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