***NATURAL*** cures for toe nail fungus?

 ***NATURAL*** cures for toe nail fungus?

I have a nasty fungus on one big toe that won't go away.

What can I use to treat it naturally? I've been using tea tree oil, soaking in Apple cider vinegar etc but it's not clearing it up. Frustrating because it worked on my other big toe in a matter of weeks but this other toe is very stubborn.

Please only give natural suggestion as I won't use any type of Rx or OTC remedy.

Pee on it. this is for real. There is something in your urine that will kill the fungus. When you take a shower pee on your foot.

unfortunately, toe nail fungus is hard to treat with homeopathic medicine due to the deep set nature of toenail fungus, it isn't a surface fungus you can cream away.

best treatment is really a Rx drug. Remember that Rx drugs are derived from natural sources and made in such a way as to facilitate fast, direct treatment. Aspirin is Acetylsalicylic Acid derived from the bark of the Willow tree.

***NATURAL*** cures for toe nail fungus?

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