NAIL FUNGUS:What's the best remedy?

1302930730 77 NAIL FUNGUS:What's the best remedy?

please suggest it really harmful?

You need more information, is it Toe Nail fungus or finger nail fungus. There are many fungus cures on the market and on OTC shelves. most of them will not work. There are also RX medicines that you can get from your Physicians, they mostly have side effects that involve the liver, and many are hesitant to use them. use the Yahoo or Google Search engine and type in the kind of fungus you have and you will get the options available and select your choice, most will come with a guarantee, and will be returnable for refund if they do not work, for you. you have the option of alternative medicine as well, and see what they have to offer.

There are myriad ways to treat fingernail fungus infection. There are a lot of antifungal solutions readily available in the market today which can be bought at very reasonable prices. although a lot of foot doctors may prescribe oral antifungal medicines, some people would prefer the solutions which does not have risk side effects that can be long term.

One of the most effective nail fungus treatment available is the ZetaClear Antifungal Solution. it is made from natural oil sources therefore it is complementary to the skin that is connected to the nails. No side effects since it came from natural source such as natural oils. There is no lingering smell which turns off men from using because of the feminine or medicinal smell.

Try auto urine therapy which is free, easily available but you should observe yourself totally vegetarian.

NAIL FUNGUS:What's the best remedy?

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