Nail Fungus :(?

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I been reading the answers of previous question about fungus. and i want to know if tea tree oil really works or the Vicks Vaporub. and if they do, where can i find the tea tree oil. thanks i need to know what works, plz help me!!!!!!!!

Vicks Vaporub works like magic, you will not see results overnight but apply it twice daily and the fungus will become so soft it can be be easily removed.

It sometimes works. the best thing to do is see a Dermatologist if you can afford to or have insurance. if not try it, it can't hurt. Check out a website that talks about herbs and see what you can find out there.

If the nail is lifted you have to get a prescription from your doc, if it is black that is mold and the start of a fungus you can stop that by cutting and filing it away use, alcohol (rubbing) to keep it clean, if you are set on the tea oil you can go to a pharmacy where the vitamins are or a gnc store. Good luck if it is really bad yellow and lifting, you do need a prescription no matter what. Sorry

Tea tree oil does work, but get it in a distilled solution or it will be too strong.

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