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what home remedy would work the best. My 2nd toe to the left of my big toe on my left toe seems to have some kind of fungus. It is a bit yellow/white and the toe nail has risen upward. I heard that some of these mite work. . . what do you think and which one do u think would work the best and why or if anything would happen if i used them all at the same time.
-tea tree oil
-vapor rub(vicks)


U can ask your doctor… I think there is a medicine taken orally called Lamisil. but it has been known to cause liver problems… Guess it just depends on how badly u want to get rid of it. Nutra nail also makes a green tea solution that u rub onto your nail to help the problem. i think there are also some topical things u can get from nail salons… I would look into buying something there since they are the experts!

The only product that worked. FOOT SOAKING SOLUTION
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Nail fungus?? – Yahoo! Answers

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